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What is Fareed Zakaria Salary From CNN? Net Worth in 2023

What is Fareed Zakaria Salary From CNN? Net Worth in 2023

Facts of Fareed Rafiq Zakaria

Full Name:Fareed Rafiq Zakaria
Annual Salary:$5 million
Monthly Salary:$416666
Net Worth:$14 million
Date of Birth:20 January 1964
Birth Place:Mumbai, India
Height:5 feet 8 inches
Weight:80 kg
Parents:Rafiq Zakaria (father) and Fatima Zakaria (mother)
Siblings:Tasneem Zakaria Mehta (Sister) and Arshad Zakaria (Brother)
Nicknames:Fareed Zakaria
Star Sign:Aquarius
Awards:Emmy Award

What is The Salary of Fareed Zakaria?

Indian-American Journalist, Fareed Zakaria earns an average salary of $5 million  (GBP 4058225) per year as a political commentator on CNN.

Moreover, Fareed Zakaria receives a monthly salary of $416666+/£338184+ and £84545+/ $104166+ per week as a host of CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” and as a columnist for The Washington Post.

Similarly, as a renowned author of various best-selling books, he receives handsome sums of money. He is also counted as the highest-paid journalist on CNN.

Fareed began working as a weekly columnist for Newsweek where he used to earn $52,171 (42344 GBP) per year.

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The average salary of an American journalist ranges between $49328 or £40036 to $68,000+. But through his decade of experience in journalism, he gets paid more than his average salary.

Fareed Zakaria Salary
Caption: Fareed Zakaria (Source: Instagram)

What is The Net Worth of Fareed Zakaria?

As of 2023, Fareed Zakaria holds an estimated net worth of $14 million or 14,000,000 USD (11363030 GBP). American CNN’s Political Commentator, Fareed has been active in the media field since 1992.

Throughout his past 31 years of working experience, Fareed Zakaria has successfully built a fine prominent professional career in the media field.

Moreover, Fareed Zakaria has also gained honor and fame through his numerous media contributions.

Fareed Zakaria’s Annual, Monthly & Weekly Salary | Net Worth

Year Annual Salary  Monthly Salary  Weekly Salary  Net Worth 
2023 $5 million $416666+ $104166+ $14 million

Competitive CNN Journalist’s Salary & Net Worth

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Dana Bash Annual: $3 Million Monthly: $100,000 $9 Million Anchor on CNN’s political discussion program “Late Edition” and Co-anchor on “State of the Union”
Wolf Blitzer Annual: $ 5 million  Monthly: $ 416666 $ 25 million CNN News Central as a principal anchor.
Clarissa Ward Annual: $ 200,000 Monthly: $16666 $ 1 million Chief international correspondent for CNN

Early Life- Birth, Age, Ethnicity & Religion

Indian-American Journalist, Fareed Zakaria was born in Mumbai, India into a Muslim family. He may have been born in India, but Fareed grew up in the United States.

His full name is Fareed Rafiq Zakaria. According to his birthdate, his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Fareed was born on 20 January 1964 and spent his childhood in Mumbai, India with his parents and siblings.

Fareed’s sexuality is straight and he belongs to the Muslim religious family background. According to his birthdate, he is 59 years old. He lives on the Upper West Side in New York City.

Fareed Zakaria’s Parents & Siblings

Fareed Zakaria is the son of  Rafiq Zakaria (father) and Fatima Zakaria (mother). His father was a politician associated with the Indian National Congress as well as an Islamic theologian. His father passed away in 2005.

His mother was his father’s second wife and she was the editor of the Sunday Times of India. She died during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He grew up with his two Siblings Tasneem Zakaria Mehta (Sister) and Arshad Zakaria (Brother). Fareed Zakaria is the oldest child of his parents. His brother Arshad is CEO, Co-Owner, and Co-Founder at New Vernon Capital LLC.

Fareed Zakaria Attended The “Harvard University”

Fareed Zakaria completed his high school at the Cathedral and John Connon School in Mumbai. He was a very smart and talented student since high school.

After completing high school he joined Yale University in 1986 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. Moreover, he was a president of the Yale Political Union, editor-in-chief of the Yale Political Monthly, a member of the Scroll and Key Society, and a member of the Party of the Right.

Later, Fareed earned a PhD in government from  Harvard University in 1993. While at Harvard he studied under Samuel P. Huntington and Stanley Hoffmann, as well as international relations theorist Robert Keohane.

Body Mesurments- Height, Weight, Hair & Eyes Color

Fareed stands at the average height of 5 feet 8 inches (approximately 1.75 m) and has a healthy body that weighs around 80 kg. He has a muscular and attractive body.

Fareed’s eye color is dark brown and has a black hair color. His Skin color is Brown.

Fareed Zakaria’s Career Records From 1986 to 2023

Date  Post Network
1986 Director of  a research project American Foreign Policy at Harvard
1992 Managing Editor Foreign Affairs
1995 An adjunct professor, teacher of international relations  Columbia University
2000 Editor Newsweek International
2002  Television host and political commentator ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos”
2005 host of the weekly news show, “Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria PBS
2008 Host of “Fareed Zakaria Global Public Square CNN
2010 Editor, writer Column
2011 writer of a weekly column The Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly
2013 Producer, and Consultant HBO Series “Vice
2016 wine columnist  Slate
2023 Political Commentator, and author CNN

Major Works

  • Fareed began his career by working as a managing editor of Foreign Affairs in 1992 at the age of 28. He has worked as an adjunct professor at Columbia University. He has also worked as the editor of Newsweek.
  • Fareed is mostly known as CNN’s television host and commentator. He started his television career by working as a news analyst on ABC’s “This Week with Geoge Stephanopoulos“.
  • He has also hosted the weekly news show, “Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria” on PBS and  “Fareed Zakaria Global Public Square” on CNN.
  • He has signed for the HBO series “Vice” as a producer and also served as a consultant for the series. He has also worked on the boards of the Council of Foreign Relations.

Books By Fareed Zakaria

  • From Wealth to Power: The Unusual Origins of America’s World Role (Princeton, 1998)
  • The Future of Freedom (Norton, 2003)
  • The Post-American World (2008)
  • In Defense of a Liberal Education (Norton, 2015)
  • State of Danial (2006)

Fareed’s Two Famous Books “The Future of Freedom” and “The Post-American World”

Zakaria’s book The Future of Freedom, Zakaria argues that the democracy we perceive in the Western world is essentially a combination of constitutional liberalism and participatory politics, which he calls “liberal democracy”.

He further explains that the protection of liberty and the rule of law has been in place for centuries in Western Europe even before popular elections were held.

Fareed Zakaria
Caption: Fareed Zakaria giving pose with two glasses of beer (Source: Instagram)

The book “The Post-American World” was published back in 2008, just before the financial crisis. In the book, the author, Zakaria, highlights the “rise of the rest” as the most significant trend in modern times. He explains the economic emergence of countries like China, India, Brazil, and others.

Fareed Was Suspended From CNN For a week

In August 2012, Zakaria was suspended for a week due to an allegation of plagiarism. He had written a column on gun control that had similarities to an article by Jill Lepore in the New Yorker.

However, after reviewing his research notes and prior commentary, Time and CNN reinstated him within six days. Time described the incident as “isolated” and “unintentional,” while CNN found nothing that warranted continuing the suspension.

Awards & Achievements

Date Award Reason
2020 Nominated for Shorty Award For Best Journalist
2018 Nominated for Emmy For Outstanding News Special
2013 Nominated for Emmy
2012 Nominated for Emmy For Outstanding News Discussion and analysis inside “America’s Economy in a Post-American World”
2012 Nominated for Emmy For Outstanding News Discussion and analysis inside Iran 
2009 Nominated for Emmy For Outstanding Interview
2007 Nominated for National Magazine Award (Five Times) For his columns and commentary
2008 National Magazine Award winner For his columns and commentary
2008 Peabody Award For his television show
2008 India Abroad Person of the Year Outstanding work
 2010 Padma Bhushan award For his contribution to the field of journalism
 2020  International Center for Journalists Founders Award  For Excellence in Journalism


Fareed has honorary degrees from Brown University, Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, Oberlin College, and the University of Oklahoma.

Fareed Zakaria’s Ex-Wife- Paula Throckmorton

Fareed Zakaria is a married man. He was married to his love Paula Throckmorton. She is a jewelry designer. The duo first met at the party and fell in love with each other.

They started dating and after dating for more than a year they tied the knot in 1997. The couple shares three children together whose names are unknown.

After spending 21 years together they got divorced in 2011.

Fareed Zakaria Salary
Caption: Fareed’s three children cooking for him Source: Instagram)

Zakaria’s views on faith

He resides in the Upper West Side of New York City. During his time as a graduate student, Zakaria developed a passion for cooking and attributed chefs Jacques Pépin and Julia Child to his increased interest in food.

Zakaria identifies as a secular and nonpracticing Muslim and his views on faith are complex, falling somewhere between deism and agnosticism. He considers himself to be completely secular in his outlook. His former spouse is a Christian, and he also raised his three children as a christain.

Facts About Fareed Zakaria

  • Fareed belongs to a Muslim culture but he was married to a Christian girl.
  • His full name is Fareed Rafiq Zakaria.
  • Fareed’s books “The Future of Freedom and The Post-American World” have both been translated into more than 25 languages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What nationality is Fareed Zakaria?

⇒ Fareed Zakaria was born in Mumbai, India, to a Konkani Muslim family and he belongs to Indian-American nationality.

How many children does Fareed Zakaria have?

⇒ Fareed Zakaria and his wife Paula Throckmorton have welcomed three children together.

How did Fareed Zakaria become famous?

⇒Fareed Zakaria came to the spotlight after hosting the weekly TV news show titled “Foreign Exchange with Fareed Zakaria” on PBS.

What does Fareed Zakaria do for a living?

⇒ Fareed Zakaria is currently working as a host of CNN’s Fareed Zakaria GPS. He is also an author and has written popular books.

What is Fareed Zakaria’s full name?

⇒ Fareed Zakaria’s full name is Fareed Rafiq Zakaria.

How old is Fareed Zakaria?

⇒ According to his birthdate, Fareed Zakaria is 59 years old. He was born on 20 January 1964.

How much does Fareed Zakaria earn per annum from his professional career?

⇒Fareed Zakaria earns an average salary of $5 million or 5,000,000 USD (GBP 4058225) per year as a CNN political commentator and author.

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