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Jon Moody Bio-Age, Net Worth, Salary in 2022, Family, and Career

Jon Moody Bio-Age, Net Worth, Salary in 2022, Family, and Career

Facts of Jon Moody

Full Name:Jon Moody
Net Worth:$500,000
Date of Birth:July 6, 1992
Place Of Birth:New Orleans
Height:1.80 m
Weight:71 kg
Profession:Television Personality, Artist
Education:Savannah College of Art and Desig

Both an artist and a businessman, Jon Moody is. Since he was a young child, he had always wished to be an artist. He has recently drawn a lot of notice for his avant-garde taste in modern art. His claim to fame is the advertising poster he created for the Black Panther movie, which has received widespread acclaim.

What is Jon Moody Age?

As of 2022, Jon Moody, who was born on July 6, 1992, will be 30 years old. New Orleans is where Jon Moody was born and where his family raised him. He belongs to the black ethnicity.

Jon Moody
Caption: Jon Moody
(Photo: SCAD)

His parents have encouraged and supported him in following his aspirations to become an artist since he was a little child. A private college in Georgia named Savannah College of Art and Design is where he received his bachelor’s degree in visual arts.

Who is Jon Moody Wife?

When Jon Moody lost his son, his world was completely flipped upside down. He was dating a female, the name of whom he would not give, and they were deeply in love. Moments after taking his first breath in this world, Miles, his child, passed away.

He then abandoned the child out of desperation, and it’s possible that he never fully recovered from this significant setback in his life. Jon was devastated by this experience.

To deal with the pain of losing his child, he started spending more time on his art and craft. He even shared a painting of his son on Instagram on June 20, 2019, the day of his son’s birth anniversary, expressing his sorrow and pain to the world.

What is Jon Moody Net Worth?

As of 2022, Jon Moody’s net worth is anticipated to reach $500,000. Throughout his career as a reality television star, he amassed wealth by selling his paintings and appearing in a number of reality television programs. Being an artist since he was a little child, Jon Moody is a talented and outstanding actor who has achieved fame.

Jon Moody
Caption: Jon Moody
(Photo: Pinterest)

His works of art transmit a societal message while also bringing novel and imaginative concepts to life. By overcoming the hardships in his life and developing into the artist and person he is today, he has motivated the younger generation to follow their goals.

What is Jon Moody Height&Weight?

He is 1.80 m tall and about 71 kg in height.

Jon Moody’s Career Line

Jon Moody
Caption: Jon Moody
(Photo: Pinterest)

Since earning his degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Moody has made contributions to the art world with his innovative and distinctive art styles. Celebrity portraits by this artist include those of Big Sean, Cardi B, Lil Wayne, and others. His paintings are regularly seen in television programs like Empire and Star as well as on the walls of the White House.

The goal of Moody’s art is to increase public awareness of social, economic, and other major global issues. He also painted a picture of the renowned boxer Muhammad Ali in the spirit of the “Ali” commission and social distance in New Orleans on April 14, 2020.

His advertising image for the Marvel movie Black Panther brought him true stardom (2018). Also well-liked by his fans is his performance in Fish Mich (2009). He rose to fame in 2018 thanks to the reality series Southern Charm New Orleans on Bravo TV Official.

Achievements and Awards for Jon Moody
His “Black Panther” poster for the Marvel movie was his most recognized accomplishment. The commercial success of his reality TV program Southern Charm New Orleans was impressive.

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