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‘YouTuber’ Jules LeBlanc Salary and Net Worth in 2024 | Bio

‘YouTuber’ Jules LeBlanc Salary and Net Worth in 2024 | Bio

Facts of Jules LeBlanc

Full Name:Jules LeBlanc
Annual Salary:$539,000 / 423627 GBP
Net Worth:$3 million
Date of Birth:December 5, 2004
Birth Place:Augusta, Georgia, United States
Height:5 feet 6 inches
Weight:50 kg
Profession:American actress, Singer, Youtuber
Education:Local High School
Parents:Billy LeBlanc, Katie LeBlanc
Siblings:Hayley Leblanc, Caleb LeBlanc
Nicknames:Annie, Jules
Star Sign:Sagittarius
Albums:Over Getting Over You, Two Sides, Play Nice, Who You Are, Utopia

Quick Facts of ‘YouTuber’ Jules LeBlanc Salary and Net Worth in 2024 | Bio

# Fact
1 Jules LeBlanc is the daughter of American youtuber, Katie LeBlanc, and Billy LeBlanc. Jules has over 19M followers on her Tiktok.

Filmography of ‘YouTuber’ Jules LeBlanc Salary and Net Worth in 2024 | Bio


Awards of ‘YouTuber’ Jules LeBlanc Salary and Net Worth in 2024 | Bio

Jules LeBlanc Salary and Net Worth

As a well-known Youtuber and social media personality Jules LeBlanc receives around $539,000 / 423627 GBP annual salary from YouTube. She also makes pretty impressive money by promoting various businesses and brands through her social media account which has over a million followers.

In 2018, Business Insider (a New York City-based multinational financial and business news website) named youth star, Jules LeBlanc the “most famous teen in the world“. Jules LeBlanc holds an estimated net worth of $ 3,00,00,00 / 3 Million in 2024.

Jules LeBlanc
Caption: Jules LeBlanc (Source: Instagram)

Jules LeBlanc Income From ‘Youtube’ in 2024

Month (2023) Income
 June $ 171
 May  $ 331
 April  $ 659
 March  $ 516
 February  $ 575
January  $ 728

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Who is Jules LeBlanc

Jules LeBlanc is an American actress, Singer, and TV producer. Jules is also a former acrobat and started her self-titled YouTube channel in 2008, where she posted several gymnastics and exercise tutorials.

The channel’s name was changed in 2017 to “@JulesLeBlanc” featuring music videos by Jules LeBlanc. The youth star has more than 4.05M subscribers on her channel.

Early Life

Jules LeBlanc was born on December 5, 2004, and as of 2024, she is 20 years old. Jules’s zodiac star sign falls under the sign of Sagittarius. Jules spent her childhood in Augusta, Georgia, United States. Jules LeBlanc is an American citizen and as a religious person, her belief is Christianity.

The renowned youth star was born into a famous family background. Both her parents are of white Caucasian descent. Jules LeBlanc first debuted through her family’s YouTube channel named, “@Bratayley” which carries more than 7.2M subscribers and 2.6K videos. Jules LeBlanc is the third child of her parents, Billy LeBlanc (Father) and Katie LeBlanc (Mother). 

@justbillyleblanc”, “@OMMyGoshTV” and “@TruthPlusDare” are Jules’s father’s three different YouTube channels that he shares with his family. Jules’s mother is an award-winning producer and developer of digital content for a digital media studio.

Jules LeBlanc, Age, Brother
Caption: Jules LeBlanc with her family
(Photo: People)

Jules LeBlanc Siblings

Jules LeBlanc has a younger sister named Hayley Leblanc. Hayley is 4 years younger than her sister, Jules LeBlanc. Recently, Hayley Leblanc celebrated her 14th birthday along with her friends and family.

Hayley also follows her older sister’s footsteps and is well-recognized among youth stars. Sisters have posted their various collab YouTube videos on Bratayley and OMMyGoshTV channels.

Despite being so young, Leblanc’s sisters have worked in several Industries. In 2017, both sisters appeared on the American web series titled, “Chicken Girls” written by Janey Feingold.

Jules LeBlanc portrayed the famous role named, Rhyme McAdam. For the other whole 9 seasons, Hayley Leblanc was cast as the protagonist, Harmony McAdams.

Jules LeBlanc
Caption: Jules LeBlanc (Source: Instagram)

Jules LeBlanc Brother’s Funeral

She had two siblings, her older brother was named, Caleb LeBlanc. Jules LeBlanc’s brother, Caleb was born in 2002, in Georgia, United States. He was a young and charming boy and had appeared on several YouTube videos on his family YouTube channel named “@Bratayley“.

Unfortunately, Jules LeBlanc’s older brother was a victim of sudden cardiac arrest due to undetected hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and was later pronounced dead in the ER.

At the age of 13, Caleb died from a heart condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy on October 1, 2015. Celeb’s funeral and memorial were held on Oct 6, 2015, at a catholic church that was live-streamed.

Mourning Jules LeBlanc’s brother’s death, fans shared a memo of her brother’s story titled, “What Happened The Day of Caleb’s Death | Katie’s Story” on a channel named, “@taylorjtv9“.

Are Jules LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels Dating?

Although, numerous rumors and many fans have personally shipped both actresses. American actress, Jayden Bartels, and Jules LeBlanc are not dating.

However, they both share a close bond and name their relationship as best friends. Both media personalities first met four years ago at a bowling party.

On November 7, 2020, American actresses, Jayden Bartels and Jules LeBlanc were cast in the famous American buddy comedy television series titled, “Side Hustle” which premiered on Nickelodeon.

Jayden played a role named Presley while her best friend Lex was portrayed by Jules LeBlanc. Both characters shared strong energy and had good chemistry which led many fans to ship them together.

Jules LeBlanc’s Ex-Boyfriend Hayden

Jules LeBlanc previously dated a few guys. In 2017, Jules was romantically involved with a famous singer, Hayden Summerall. After dating for a year, the pair officially announced their breakup in 2018.

Soon, Jules LeBlanc started hanging out with a guy named, Austin Brown and claimed their relationship as a lover. Within a year, Jules broke up with Austin.

Jules LeBlanc, Age, Brother
Caption: Jules LeBlanc with her friends ( Photo: Instagram)

Being single for a year, Jules LeBlanc re-appeared with her new boyfriend named, Asher Angel. Asher shares the same professional career as Jules and is recognized as a child actor he portrayed in the film titled, “Jolene“.

Both love birds had millions of fans supporting them and posted their multiple edits and TikTok videos on, “#asher angel and jules leblanc” which has more than 14.8 million viewers.

Unfortunately, fans were disappointed after Jules broke up with Asher in 2020. Jules LeBlanc is straight and single at the moment.

Movies & TV Shows

Jules LeBlanc moved to Los Angeles to achieve her goal. After graduating from a local high school in Severna Park, Maryland, Jules LeBlanc persistently showed up in various TV shows, Series, and movies.

Jules LeBlanc made a grand appearance in the YouTube red series titled, “We are Savvy“. She portrayed a famous character named, Annie.

The 1st Season premiered on July 1, 2016, located at Canada. Jules LeBlanc got the opportunity to work with multiple co-stars such as Tehya Silbermann, Spencer Barbosa, Bailee Madison, and many famous media personalities.

Watching Jules LeBlanc’s phenomenon acting skills, director K. Asher Levin gave the major role name, Rhyme McAdams in the movie titled, “Chicken Girls” with her sister, Hayley. The protagonist played a 17-year-old cheerful girl. For the whole 8 seasons, Jules LeBlanc played a fabulous role in the series and rose to stardom.

Later in 2018, the American actress re-appeared on the grand TV series titled, “A Girl Named Jo“. Jules portrayed the main female protagonist named, Jo Chambers.

As of now, Jules LeBlanc is working with the famous Nickelodeon TV channel’s comedy-drama series titled, “Side Hustle“. (American buddy comedy TV series) directed by Dave Malkoff. The show premiered on November 7, 2020.

Jules LeBlanc, Age, Brother
Caption: Jules LeBlanc’s TV series “Side Hustle“ ( Photo: IMDb)

Along with co-stars, Jayden Bartels, Isaiah Crews, Mitchell Berg, and Jacques Chevelle, Jules showed fabulous funny acting skills. The show was listed as famous all over Nickelodeon and lasted two seasons with a total of 46 episodes.

Jules LeBlanc Accident

Jules LeBlanc’s team shared a note regarding the incident and sent an awareness message reminding them to drive carefully and be responsible for others’ safety on their Instagram post.

On the evening of Saturday, July 23rd, 2022, Jules LeBlanc was hospitalized after she was struck by a hit-and-run alleged drunk driver in Santa Monica.

Jules LeBlanc and her friends were crossing a crosswalk when the drunk driver flew through a red light injuring Jules severely.

Emergency services were called and the paramedics and firefighters were on the scene almost immediately, while SMPD quickly apprehended the drunk driver, while Jules was rushed to the hospital.

Later after the investigation, SMPD arrested a 19 years old boy who was suspected of the hit-and-run case, cops stated that he was also under the influence of a controlled substance.

Jules LeBlanc Salary
Caption: Jules LeBlanc (Source: Instagram)

On August 6, 2022, after Jules LeBlanc was discharged, she shared a picture of herself after the accident on her TikTok account.

Luckily, Jules dint had any broken bones or series injuries. She posted sensitive content warning photos of her bruised leg hit by the vehicle’s headlight. LeBlanc also shared a photo at the hospital of a swollen face and bloody nose as well as a bruised chin.

According to her team and her self-statement, with complete rest and healing, she reached the end of her recovery. A year after the incident, Jules LeBlanc has fully recovered and she is enjoying her youthful life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is Jules LeBlanc so famous?

Jules LeBlanc became so famous from social media work as a YouTuber and TikToker where she has huge numbers of followers.

Why did Jules LeBlanc change her name?

Jules LeBlanc clarifies both “Annie” and “Jules” are shortened versions of her real name, Julianna. After changing her TikTok username, most of her fans quite liked it, thus she officially started using her birth name.

Does Jules LeBlanc have Instagram?

Yes, Jules LeBlanc is active on her Instagram account name, “@julesleblanc” with 10 million followers.

Does Jules LeBlanc use tiktok?

Jules LeBlanc has posted her fabulous TikTok videos on “@julesleblanc” which has 19 million followers and 230 million likes.

What happened to Side Hustle on Nickelodeon?

American buddy comedy television series “Side Hustle” has been canceled after two seasons. The second season’s final episode aired on June 30, 2022. A total of 46 episodes aired from 2020-2022.

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